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If you are coming to Maui and want to entertain or just enjoy your vacation, Maui Cooks will provide you with incredible home made food and impeccable service at an affordable price! Our wait service wears black and white and will be clean and dependable. You will want us to take care of your food needs every time you come to Maui! Maui Cooks will do the shopping and come to your home and prepare Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for as many days as you might need. Let us be your personal, private cooks while you are visiting and do not want to be bothered with shopping or cooking while you are here on vacation. When the meals are done, we will leave everything clean and neat. Our personal home chefs can provide you with daily menus ahead or you can just let us know what menu you would like.

If you would like we can have a Cook deliver your dinner, serve it and clean up and be gone in just a short time. This way you have all the benifits of personal service, great food and your privacy.

Just call the number below and we will customize whatever temporary or long term arrangements you may need for your visit. If you need a cook, personal assistant, event planning, cleaning person, yard person, limousine, masseuse, in-home hair cut, or personal shopper just let us know! We have over 36 years of experience in catering and home management.

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