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Our cupcakes are not just ordinary cupcakes. We use top quality cake batter and have flavors that can be inhanced with delicious fillings and whipped cream icing. Every bite is heaven.

We have one dozen regular sized Cupcakes with a buttercream icing or wipped cream flower on the top. Spice, Chocolate, Yellow or White Cake. $75.00 a dozen.

Gourmet Custom Cupcakes

The cupcakes below are our original flavors. They are jumbo in size and have a filling inside. Most are topped with Whip Cream Icing, Butter Cream or Chocolate Ganache! If you have a request for something not on the list just give us a call! Most flavors are $85.00 a dozen.

Mini Cupcakes (tea cakes) are $65 for 3 dozen.

Chocolate Times III
Boston Cream Pie - Custard Filled
Fudge Sundae - Topped with a cherry
Milky Way - Chocolate with Carmel Filling and Chocolate Ganache
Pistachio Pecan- Topped with Powdered Sugar
Lemon Lift with Lemon Filling and Icing
Mandarin Orange
Pineapple Inside Out - Filled with pineapple
Kalua Angels - Angel Food Cake
Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache Filling
Hot Chocolate - Spicy version of Dark Chocolate
Chocolate Cherry
Spice C - Spicy version of Spice Cake -Cream Cheese Icing
and of course Red Velvet or Carrot Cake

We can deliver but we do charge a delivery fee.

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