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 Maui Cooks
(Chefs cook at your private home)


In Home Cooking or Delivered!
Fabulous Desserts

Maui Angel Pie
Macadamia Nut Pie
Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake
Cranberry Pie with Whipped Cream
Butterscotch Brownies
Chocolate Brownies
Tapioca with Chocolate Whipped Cream
Haupia with Walnut Crust
Cream Puffs with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Ganache Sauce
Lemon Cake
Pistachio Cake
Pumpkin Crunch with Whipped Cream Topping
Cupcakes - All Kinds with Fillings
Ice Creams or Sherbet

 We can provide you with menus and you can also let us know your favorites. We will be happy to accommodate you. A quote is necessary for special orders. Please let us know of any dislikes or allergies that anyone may have!
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Muffin Morning
Super Salads
Main Courses
Maui Cooks

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